A positive explosion of real instruments, live looping, and a flow curated over years of mixed tapes and a deep love of classic rap, is a new page in the book of hip hop. The Blu Janes is more than a musical collaboration, but a soundtrack for those voices under represented and a bridge between cultures assumed black or white. You are all invited to be The Blu Janes- regardless of Gender, Race, Class, Religion, Sexual Orientation or Geography, this is our time. The Blu Janes has arrived.

MC Genesis Blu is a rapper based in Houston, Texas, recently named 2016's Best Rapper by the Houston Press. Kristen Ford is a looper, singer-songwriter and road warrior based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her most recent album "Rend & Render" was named the #2 record of 2016 by The Worcester Telegram. In 2016 she logged 177 shows across the USA and Europe.

The Blu Janes are a driven duo, while pursuing solo careers in different cities, manage to collaborate via satellite (such as "America"- written, recorded and filmed in different locations) and while passing through the same city (such as Man's World- written, recorded and filmed in Pittsburgh PA). Their debut 5 song EP is coming in the spring of 2017, which was recorded in Houston, TX with "wiz kid" producer Chris Rockaway (Dre Dre, Ron Artest). 

The Blu Janes are ready to bring their positive and unifying music to festivals and venues across the country. The world needs it now more than ever, The Blu Janes are ready to deilver.


Photographer: Christiann Gilchrist